Worried about exams?

Are you becoming anxious about exams?Screen Shot 11-30-15 at 06.40 PM

If you are already tense and stressed about forthcoming exams then it might be wise to find ways to manage this anxiety as ultimately anxiety could affect revision and can affect performance in the exams.

Whilst exam nerves are normal and to some extent desirable (stress aids performance), if you are at a higher base level than many, the additional pressure may not help performance and instead push you into meltdown. ..

This is not something in itself to get anxious about.   Hypnotherapy,  meditation and mindfulness are very useful for managing anxiety.   If the worry of exams is starting to cause sleepless nights then hypnotherapy should also be able to help.

The key to dealing with anxiety us not to keep searching for answers but instead to calm your mind and body (note that much is caused by increased adrenaline).    Try to make the anxiety as productive as possible.   Set yourself realistic achievable exam revision goals and ensure that you build in some balancing activities.   It may only be weeks before your exams but you should still carry on doing the things that help you achieve balance.

For example:-

  • Still socialise (perhaps a little less than normal but still very important)
  • Eat well –  avoiding large quantities of sugary foods and alcohol.
  • Exercise –  stimulate blood flow to the brain and raise levels of endorphins and brain seratonin to effectively reduce anxiety.
  • Meditate / self hypnosis

It is healthy that you are a little bit nervous about exams but whilst minor anxiety may help you revise, major anxiety should be managed otherwise it could affect your performance.

Worried about exams?
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