Post Traumatic Stress

Post traumatic stress
Post traumatic Stress is not always obvious and can appear years after an event that you thought you had dealt with.  Sometimes it is not obvious where your stress is originating from

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you have been involved in an event that was particularly upsetting or traumatic you may be affected  long after the event.  (Sometimes years later)   You may suddenly start to experience anxiety or depression and flashbacks to previous events.  This may be diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Hypnotherapy can be useful in tackling post traumatic stress depending on its severity.  You should always discuss post traumatic stress with your GP first.   I have seen clients who continued to suffer from PTSD after CBT and the desensitisation in Hypnotherapy really helped them. 


“PTSD does not rule me no more” – Dennis


All sorts of events can cause post traumatic stress , for example:

  • Combat
  • A road accident
  • Sexual assault or rape
  • Violent attack
  • Kidnap or Hostage situation
  • Witnessing a death
  • Being involved in a disaster – e.g. A bombing , Tsunami, earthquake
  • Grief and Relationship break up
  • There may be other situations where you are traumatised but think you have dealt with it only to find bad feelings emerging much later on.


Normally when we experience such events the strength of the memory of that experience diminishes with time.  With PTSD the you may start to experience re-living the experience,  flashbacks and or nightmares. If you are still experiencing stress more than 4 weeks after the event then you should probably seek help.

In treating PTSD it is not necessary to revisit events in order to help you move on.   Each case needs to reviewed individually.


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