Hypnotherapy can relieve grief
Grief is a normal process but if you are struggling to move forward hypnotherapy could help.  This is not treated as a trivial matter –  it is very serious and sensitive.

The death of a loved one can be shattering…

Bereavement  – Grief associated with the loss of a loved one or friend is unique to everyone.   It is a process that most of us have to experience and something that you can never really be prepared for even when the death was expected.

The death of a loved one can be shattering.  The grief can cause strong feelings of depression.   For some people, they may be so affected by the loss of a loved one that some form of bereavement counselling might be the best option although sometimes the waiting list for such a service can be many weeks or months.  Others may not need this but still feel some unresolved feelings, even after a long period following the loss.

Hypnotherapy can help release or clarify feelings of pain, sorrow or guilt and help you to refocus on the most positive aspects of your relationship with that loved one.  It can also help you work out mixed feelings.  I need to stress that bereavement and grief are processes that take time.

Queen victoria never stopped grieving for Albert
She mourned and wore black for her entire reign 64 years

However, if time has passed but you are still stuck then you might benefit from some help.    Hypnotherapy in a way similar to counselling can help you work through or clarify your thoughts.  It won’t take away memories.  If you have been grieving for longer than a few months you may need some help to move forward and may find this a positive way to deal with the memory of your loved one.   People tend to be sympathetic in the short term but this sympathy can be short lived and your grief can leave you feeling lonely and stuck if you have nobody to offload to.

Some will resist any help with the concern that any form of intervention is disrespectful or harms the memory of the person lost.   I am very aware of this.  You can trust that any help is given with the utmost sensitivity and understanding.  I experienced the death of loved one when my Dad died in 1997 and have worked with friends to help them through their bereavements.  More recently my Mum passed on New Year’s day 2017.   I have also experienced bereavement counselling myself.  It is not unusual in grief to experience a range of emotions including anger and depression.

If you are not sure about whether this is for you then why not give me a call?  – You need someone who is sensitive and caring and on your wavelength for such a deeply personal matter.

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