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Trauma can make changes deep with the subconscious

Trauma can affect years later

Sometimes traumatic events from our past do not affect us at the time but can affect us years after the event.   Sometimes memories or upset can turn up out of the blue.   Hypnotherapy would aim to help you with your perspective if these events and ease the emotional pain.   Sometimes relief can be extremely rapid and events that have disrupted your emotions for a long time can be desensitised to help you live a more normal life.   Trauma can be the start of Phobias, can cause Generalised Anxiety.   A relatively high percentage of people will be affected by traumatic events and whilst some of this may be fairly obvious such as experiencing a major incident or disaster, it is also possible to be traumatised by something you might rationalise that you are OK with.   When treating trauma I do not rake up stuff from your past but I will help you change your perspective of what you remember so that you feel less upset, less traumatised.  This can help you get past the repetitive thought processes often associated with Trauma.

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