Skin complaints such as Psoriasis and Eczema are exacerbated by stress.

The conditions themselves can cause stress and distress.  In turn this can affect other areas such as confidence. The whole thing can be a vicious circle.
Other people may even be judgmental which can further contribute to your stress.   I had a patch of eczema on my foot.  If I went through a stressful period it invariably got worse.   And then there is the self-fulfilling prophesy – “I’m stressed so my eczema will get worse” 

Your subconscious mind is in overall charge of  your immune response.   With hypnotherapy we can tackle the stress and we can also ask the subconscious mind to reduce the symptoms directly.   We can also look at that self-fulfilling prophesy that things will get worse and decide that they won’t.  On a separate subject  I have seen people with Arthritis use self-hypnosis to drastically ease their symptoms and in effect slow the effect of time.   If you have been on a drug regime with your GP and it hasn’t radically affected your symptoms then hypnotherapy along with self-hypnosis has the power to drastically ease stress and stress related skin conditions.

  • Reduce Stress and give you tools to manage the stress
  • Reduce your self-consciousness – further relieving stress and anxiety
  • Ask the subconscious to react to the stimuli differently and not flare up
  • Imagine yourself with healthy skin – creating a positive self-fulfilling prophesy
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