Hypnotherapy could help
Your subconscious beliefs and stress could affect your fertility

Can Hypnotherapy help you become pregnant?

It is normal that as time goes by the pressure to become pregnant increases.   A few months or years down the line the pressure and resulting stress may have risen appreciably.  Couples may find this a very difficult subject to discuss without getting very upset.

If you are trying to conceive,  stress can be counterproductive.  It may likely reduce your chances of conceiving.   Some women will have experienced irregular periods due to stress – think how this might affect your fertility.

I have first hand experience of trying for another child and it was more stressful than many would think.  I am very fortunate to have a son yet when people ask why we only had one child,  the question still makes me feel a little sad.   It was a difficult time for us.

It can put strain on the relationship.  There can be all sorts of factors that contribute to the stress.   You might be trying toward the end of a woman’s fertility, the man may have a low sperm count.  There may have been an abortion in the past.  Years of not being able to get pregnant because it would affect your career may have conditioned your subconscious.

The subconscious mind is very powerful and there may be a subconscious reason why it is hard to become pregnant.

Many of us have heard the anecdotes of women that had fertility treatment and as soon as they stopped trying she fell pregnant.

Many Doctors will not advocate hypnosis yet as with many other areas it must be stressed that this is not a medical intervention – it is a complementary therapy.

Relax Relax
With Invitro fertilisation – Stress could be an important factor in the outcome

How Jeff Cassapi’s Hypnotherapy may help fertility: –

  • Reducing Stress hormones in the body may may you more likely to conceive
  • Reducing stress could raise sperm count
  • Powerful visualisations to imagine the woman holding her baby
  • The subconscious mind has the ability to heal and has influence over your bodily functions and healing.
  • Remove or re-educate the subconscious barriers to pregnancy.
  • Teach you how to meditate to calm the mind and supply you with recordings to use every day.

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