Asthma Attack?
Salbutamol can relieve asthma

Can Hypnotherapy help your Asthma?

Asthma is an extremely common disease and its highest incidence is in the developed word.  Particularly in the USA and the UK.     As with many other illnesses it can be made worse by stress and anxiety. From 1930 to 1950 it was considered to be very much a psychosomatic illness.  Now a lot more is understood about how it develops.   The current vogue is that its growth as a disease is related to lack of exposure to germs.  There is compelling evidence on this. Children brought up on farms in contact with lots of dirt and animals early in life, are statistically less likely to develop Asthma.

If you never suffered with asthma as a child and developed it later in life then you should perhaps explore the idea that at least an element of your asthma could be psychosomatic.  If your asthma is largely as a result of allergies then you could explore the mind body link.   Through hypnotherapy learn to use the power of your subconscious mind to adjust you allergic response.  When your body interprets a foreign substance as something that is attacking the body your immune response will produce histamine.   The effect can be rather dramatic if the body misinterprets the correct necessary response.  On a non life threatening level Hay fever is prime example of this as well as allergies to animals.   Hypnotherapy can be used on many allergies.   If you have asthma you are more likely to have other allergies.  Both the asthma and the allergies could be relieved.

Hypnotherapy helps clients by examining the psychosomatic element and can also help reduce the anxiety and stress caused by asthma.  It may be extremely useful to prevent or manage the panic that can accompany a severe asthma attack.

(Note I have suffered  from relatively mild asthma attacks from time to time which are eased with Salbutamol (Ventolin))

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