Tinnitus needs to be managed
Tinnitus often causes huge distress.

Tinnitus is extremely distressing to those it affects.   Learning to manage it can improve the quality of your life.

Tinnitus may be as a result of physical damage to the hearing system.   Sometimes caused other physiological reasons and there are even hysterical or psychosomatic causes to it.  Generally, hearing loss is the main reason and It becomes more common with advancing age as hearing may start to fail.

There is no reliable or objective way to measure this problem.   The experience for many people is highly subjective.   The experience can be as little as a mild whistling or white noise in the ears.   It can also seem as loud as a jet plane taking off next to you.

Just as with chronic pain,  hypnotherapy can help manage the discomfort and distress associated with this condition.    This subject is particularly dear to me because one of my peer group has suffered for years.  That person tried various hypnotic techniques and has now reduced the severity of their tinnitus.

With such a condition we can give you techniques to take away and practice that will help you manage your condition and how you feel about it.

I have seen a number of people with this and they have generally benefitted from learning to manage their symptoms using hypnotherapy, self hypnosis and EFT.

Your GP may not be sympathetic

Doctors may tell you that there is nothing that can be done and that you need to accept that you have this.   There is a grain of truth in this.   Let’s be very clear – Do not expect a hypnotherapist to hypnotise away a problem that may have a physical cause.  However, learning to live with it can be greatly helped by Hypnotherapy as clients will testify.

Essentially if you reject this issue rather than accepting it,  it becomes very much harder to manage something that you do not accept is part of who you have become.

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