Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Do you grind your teeth - Bruxism
bruxism / teeth grinding is extremely common with up to 100% of us experiencing it at some stage

Grinding your teeth or Bruxism is extremely common.   Just ask your friends if they ever do it?   Some estimate that every adult – i.e. 100% of the population will experience a period of bruxism.  It is often related to stress, anxiety and depression.   Unfortunately, Antidepressants can also make Bruxism worse.  Most animals will grind their teeth if excessively stressed (Distressed)  At any one time, approximately one in ten of us adults is doing it – normally in our sleep.   It is quite common that people with bruxism do not sleep very well and sometimes insomnia or sleep apnea can cause bruxism as a consequence.  If not addressed then eventually this can lead to excessive tooth wear, jaw pain and even broken teeth.         Like many things that we do – there is likely a subconscious reason why we grind our teeth.   Hypnotherapy addresses the subconscious and should be able to address your bruxism.

Our subconscious mind usually serves us well.  It looks after us.  It will normally prevent us from harming ourselves.  The usuall process of learning is that we rationally, consciously learn something.  Once we have learned something our Subconscious mind then automates the process.  One of the commonly quoted examples of this process is learning to drive a car.  When you first learn you tend to be very conscious of every move.  Eventually, as you learn the process passes to your subconscious.   Once you have learnt to drive you very rarely have to think very much about what you are doing – you imagine doing something and the subconscious obliges.    Nowadays with Functional MRI scans of the brain, a lot more is known about how the brain works and the conscious and subconscious tend to operate in different parts.   In the case of driving a car provided you are not dozing off your subconscious mind will do a very good job of keeping you safe from harm and if you are required to take dramatic action such as swerving or braking hard your subconscious will make you fully aware so that the conscious mind is in control and totally conscious.

Bizarrely In the case of teeth grinding your subconscious mind may believe that grinding your teeth is looking after you in some way.  You may have learned this behaviour a long time ago.  You may not even remember the first time you ground your teeth.

You may find that you become more aware of your teeth grinding – as you become more aware of the issue it can actually get worse.

Some will consider some form of tooth guard or even medication – these are quite drastic.
Jeff Cassapi’s Hypnotherapy offers a non-invasive alternative: –

  • Help you manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • Help you with Insomnia
  • Tackle your Bruxism directly in your subconscious
  • Teach you self-hypnosis and provide you with recordings  tailored to you that you can listen to before bed
  • Teach you relaxation techniques to help you reduce muscle tension
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