Phantom Limb pain

WheelchairWhen I first started to help my first amputee client with phantom limb pain I really didn’t understand what I was dealing with.

The more the client relaxed the worse the problem became.   It was as if the stump – affectionately known as “Arthur Leg” (Half a leg) had taken on a mind of its own.   My client showed typical scouse gallows humour.

There are different aspects of Hypnosis for phantom limb phenomena.

  • Management of the actual pain
  • Managing the anticipation of that pain
  • Managing your emotional attitude and response to the pain
  • Stimulating the Subconscious mind to get the brain to respond differently with regards to stimulating the severed nerves
  • Re-training the mind / the brain to behave differently

There are no guarantees with regards to any pain management regime.  Some people benefit from the techniques learned and others need hard drugs – such is the subjective nature of pain.

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