If certains sounds drive you mad you may have misophonia
Do people drive you mad with smacking lips – chewing gum etc

Misophonia is literally translated as “hatred of sound” and affects a few people very negatively.

I have often been asked if I  can hypnotise people to stop their partners snoring, stop smacking their lips etc. to which the answer is pretty much no but I may be able to change how you feel about all of those issues.   e.g. If snoring no longer bothers you you will probably sleep through.

Just as with pain , how you react to stimuli is subjective.  I help you manage your subjective feelings about the noises that annoy you.  I help you find strategies for coping when at work with noisy lip smacking colleagues.  I know that for people with misophonia it is no joke – this can cause a lot of stress and can even lead to big rows or violence.   I used to chew gum at my desk and really didn’t realise how much discomfort it caused one particular colleague.

With every stimuli there is a gap between the stimuli and your reaction – Firstly pay attention to the gap and choose to react differently.  If that fails get some help to change how you feel subconsciously through Hypnotherapy.


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