Hypnotic Anaesthesia

Hypnotic Anaesthesia has been around a long time.   it was pioneered by Surgeon James Braid in the 1820’s and was overtaken by the use of Chloroform.

Hypnotic Anaesthesia is still widely used for certain types of surgery such as brain surgery as it allows the person to interact with the surgeon whereas this couldn’t happen under general anaesthetic.

The person will feel a mild sensation but will not experience pain.

I would not suggest that you book your operation and then give me a call to arrange hypnotic anaesthesia – it would be a good idea to demonstrate hypnotic anaesthesia to you using a simple needle test before you consider it as an option.

Hypnotic anaesthesia can be used for dentistry and all sort of surgical procedures and can reduce post operative bleeding.  call me to discuss.

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