Cancer Patients


“Hypnotherapy can be useful for reducing nausea in chemotherapy”

I offer Zero fee hypnotherapy to cancer patients (Room rental only).  Most of us are affected by cancer in our lives either directly or through a friend or relative. Hypnotherapy is useful in reducing pain and  can help reduce side effects from treatments. Whilst the subconscious brain can have powerful healing effects, hypnotherapy should not be used as a substitute for medical care but rather,  to compliment it.

Your loved ones may also we very worried and stressed by your illness.  If you think they might benefit from a relaxation session you could mention it to them.  It is also possible to conduct relaxation hypnosis with a larger group and helping a whole family collectively to relax and take their worry down a few notches could be very useful.   Stress and anxiety affects most of us and hypnotherapy is also very effective in reducing and managing stress and anxiety.

The ways in which hypnotherapy may help cancer patients

  • Managing pain and discomfort
  • Reducing tension and stress
  • Achieve very deep levels of relaxation – benefiting healing
  • Helping remove fears so that you can live less fearfully
  • Helping you focus on living life to the full
  • Help you achieve inner calm
  • Lifting depression
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing anticipatory nausea or vomiting before chemotherapy
  • Reducing the feelings of sickness from chemotherapy
  • Improving your feelings about chemotherapy

Sessions are normally carried out at your home or at Woodlands (We would need to cover room rental).
There is some useful information on hypnotherapy on Cancer research UK


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