Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain
Pain that has lasted more than 3 months is considered by some to be chronic although others define this as 12 months.

Pain Management for your chronic pain

Hypnotherapy has effectiveness in managing all types of pain including chronic pain, Chronic Pain syndrome, ME and fibromyalgia .  When you suffer pain for any length of time both your expectation and anticipation of pain changes,  Your emotional response usually changes to a more negative one as you get ground down by the experience and it is very common to become depressed.

With one session we can help to reduce the severity of that pain and reduce the distressing effects that it has on your day to day life.  We can also give you tools and techniques  to take away with you to use on a daily basis to help reduce your discomfort and help you focus towards recovery.  Patients have reported that hypnotherapy changed their life in regard to chronic pain.


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