Stress Management

Are you stressed, Anxious or Depressed.
Stressed out at Work or home?

Stress Management.

If you want to see the statistics for absenteeism and how much stress and depression cause British industry then there is no shortage of information from the Health and Safety Executive Days lost to stress or the International  Stress Management Association (ISMA).   If you’ve arrived at this page its probably because you are looking at stress management for yourself or for teams within your organisation. Stress,  Anxiety,  Depression and Musculoskeletal Disorders are by far the greatest causes of absenteeism.   Much of these are symptoms and different labels for stress.    People develop Musculoskeletal Disorders through poor posture – poor posture can also be a side effect of being stressed.

In my work in formal stress management we look at the following: –

  • What is stress and why we need it to perform at work?
  • Can stress cause depression?
  • The demands and expectations of your employers, your boss or your team
  • ABC/123 of stress   – Making stress worse,   Catastrophic thinking.  Self-fulfilling prophesies
  • Assertiveness and conflict.
  • Resentment vs an attitude of gratitude
  • Exercise, Posture & nutrition
  • Meditation, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Self Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Life Balance – not to be confused with work life balance but a more holistic approach
  • Managing stressors & getting organised.  Email and systems.

Every client gets something bespoke depending  on  their requirements.

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