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The best way to improve your health - STOP
Quit smoking – a nasty toxic habit that harms your  health and wallet.  Hypnotherapy – help you to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy….

… probably the most effective treatment for those wishing to quit smoking.

If you have tried every over the counter product without success and really want to stop smoking but can’t, then hypnotherapy should be able to help.  You are probably wondering how to stop smoking?    Hypnotherapy is usually effective in just one session.  Sometimes you may have given up successfully in the past but then a stressful event triggers taking the smoking up again.  It may be desirable to tackle the stress with hypnotherapy as well.

There are lots of misunderstandings about smoking.  Nicotine is fiercely addictive and the withdrawal from it prevents many from stopping smoking.  Hypnotherapy can be useful in preventing the cravings.  Realistically it will be most difficult trying to stop for the first three days and up to two weeks after you take your last cigarette.   Nowadays I am also asked about vaping as if my approach would be any different and the answer is that quitting vaping and stopping smoking are the same approach with Hypnosis.

Does your desire to stop need a helpful nudge?

There is very little point in seeing me to give up smoking if you really love smoking and don’t really want to give it up.. There is no point coming to me if your loved ones have put you under pressure to stop unless you are in total agreement to stop smoking.  Likewise if your Doctor has been on at you to stop but you really don’t want to even though it may be giving you specific health issues.

Hypnotherapy will give you tools to stop but it cannot make you do anything that you don’t consciously want to do of your own free will. Lots of people have tried patches and gum and find that hypnosis which is often their last resort – is simply the most effective.

If I don’t think I can help you I will certainly tell you.  I really want 100% success rates and don’t want to see people who really don’t want to give up

A rough guide to savings.

Assuming a cigarette is approximately 40pence.

In 10 years of Smoking

Graph showing how much cigarettes cost
You are wasting a fortune damaging your health    [wpseo_breadcrumb]




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