Save for Christmas?

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I have just taken a week off work.  I found myself wandering around shops and buying things that I probably didn’t need.   But I wanted to buy them – “Want” being the crucial word here.   Want is subjective – it exists in our imagination.  We can want all sorts of things.  Be careful with your language here.  If you start using the word “need” you are justifying your wants adding emotion to that subjectivity.

My imagination wandered and I imagined that my life would be better if I had x,y,z.  Some of this was fairly benign and I didn’t spend much money – isn’t that what Pound shops etc are there for? 🙂

Yet when we look at other compulsions – such as OCD we know that there is something faulty with the thinking.  Life really will not be any better if you mop the floor for the fourth time today.

The key to breaking free of compulsive behaviour such as spending is to replace the compulsion to spend with a compulsion to save.   The key to doing this is our imagination.  We need to have more compelling thoughts in our imaginations.  We can’t stop thinking about stuff,  but thinking about saving every penny and what a difference that could make whilst walking past the shops- visualising the difference it can make,  could help enormously.

I spent a day with someone who was extraordinarily wealthy and enjoyed their wealth.  We touched on the subject of the lottery and she told me that she would never waste a penny unless she thought there was a realistic return on that cash.

In order to change your behaviour change your mindset – Hypnotherapy can help you focus on what you really want to achieve – If you really want to save for Christmas then that needs to become your focus.   If you have picked up some shopping habits that work against this then a step shift in focus is required.   Visualisation in Hypnosis can be very useful.

Save for Christmas?
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