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Jeff Cassapi - Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist, Hypnotherapy
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 by Rachel Pennington

Jeff has not only helped me to recognise that I have depression but he has also taught me ways to alleviate it.  Days when the depression is bad are now simply infuriating to me as I want to get on with my life.  He has helped me think of what I want to do in the future and not just think depression is going to take over my life.  I am beginning to see a life that is free from depression.  The depressive periods are getting shorter and less intense and I am beginning to cope better.  A mixture of Hypnotherapy and counselling has helped me begin to create a future.

 by Omar

I had been diagnosed with depression and was having a bad time, everyday I felt hopeless, with no energy, and no motivation. Briefly Jeff asked some questions to identify what he thought were some possible underlying issues. He helped me overcome psychological barriers that were stopping my potential. In only one session we talked about so many aspects of depression, where he gave a multitude of various valueble advices. After that we did the hypnosis. Instead of many recurring sessions with a psychologist, Jeff's perspective was that he didn't want to investigate underlying issues too much, but instead look forward to solutions. I don't want to give anyone too high expectations, but personally one session changed my life, and has put me on an accelerated road of recovery. Although I was intimated by Jeff prior to meeting him, however I found out he was very easy to talk, and listen to. The conversation we had was very personal, however Jeff is very relatable providing his own personal anocdotes. Overall I suggest for anyone that has any anxieties or bad habits to atleast try his service, who knows that one session might change your life!

 by Colin
Overcoming Phobia

Jeff was very understanding and easy to talk to,
Jeff has really helped me with my self doubts and lingering phobia.
I would definitely recommend anyone to talk to him as he will put you and your mind at ease.

 by Andrea Stokes
Nail biting

I'd been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. I'd found Jeff's details online because I had got to the end of my tether with this bad habit and thought it was worth a try. I was unsure about hypnotherapy but after talking to Jeff I felt really at ease with him and the idea of hypnotherapy. I thought that it would take a lot more than just one session, but that was really all it took. That was over a month ago and I haven't bitten my nails since. If you have any bad habits you want to get rid of or issues you want help dealing with, I very very highly recommend going to Jeff. He'll put you right at ease and be able to help you rid those habits and issues in no time 😊

 by Dave

Having gone through a lot of stress and personal attack.... I was at my whit's end. I had a telephone conversation with Jeff, I knew just by chatting with him, I was ready for this. I would recommend anyone to try it... Jeff is professional and easy to talk to. thank you for setting me free.....

 by gemma

Jeff was very understanding and very helpful, jeff took his time to listen to me and has really helped me with my anxiety. I would definitely recommend him if you are thinking about going.

 by Hayley
Stop smoking session

I can not recommend Jeff enough! I have smoked for over 10 years -  a pack a day.   Had tried numerous attempts to stop with all different aids and nothing worked! Got recommended by a friend to see Jeff and after one session I haven't touched a cigarette since! It's amazing I know I'll never touch one again! It's been relevantly painless as well don't feel like it's something I've quit!! Just feels like something I don't do!! If you're thinking of quitting please give Jeff a call,  he's so calming and friendly!!

 by John
Definitely recommended

I had spent many years suffering from anxiety and quite a bit of time and money on audio hypnosis and meditation - none of which seemed to work. After three sessions with Jeff I can certainly say it has been the most effective treatment by far.   Jeff was very approachable and likeable and made me feel at ease. His ability to talk seamlessly, tailored to your specific condition, for a whole session is very impressive! Jeff listens and he asks questions and he spends good time with you - I never felt rushed with him. I have definitely seen an improvement in my mood and anxiety levels since seeing Jeff. I wish I had arranged to see him years ago and I can only say that if you are struggling with anxiety or similar issues then give him a call - you'll be glad you did.

 by Abdul
Jeff Cassapi - Hypnotherapy

I'd had a really tough time over the course of a year in my family life, relationship and work life and allowed it all to build up to the point it was overwhelming and interrupting every minute of my day including my sleep and developed what I feel was severe anxiety and a case of depression.
I reached out to Jeff and we talked things though and he was very understanding and we took our time, he explained things so clearly not just from a personal view but from a scientific perspective which was very encouraging!
We did our sessions and after each one I felt so relaxed and able to think things through logically for myself too to get to the root of my troubles and also help myself.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for any hypnotherapy, great guy and a great professional.

 by Hazel French
Jeff Cassapi Hypnotherapist

After reading all the other reviews I don't think there is anything else I can add !!! I would recommend Jeff to anyone he put me at ease explained everything in a clear understanding manner and I must admit I do sleep a lot better
Thanks Jeff x x

 by Andrea

Jeff did some hypnotherapy work with me.    I found that he was friendly and approachable, non intrusive, easy to talk to, and very professional in his manner.
I found him to be very insightful, and knowledgeable in what we were discussing, and the issues and fears that I had around that issue.
Thanks Jeff

 by John, Wirral
Not a Nail Biting Experience!

Having bitten my nails for decades, I decided to 'man-up' and seek Jeff's help. Following an hour with him under hypnosis some 5 weeks ago, I now no longer bite my nails. Done, dusted, as simple as that!

Jeff is extremely personable and clearly knows his stuff. I found the whole experience relaxing and very helpful. I now know how to prevent my nail biting should I ever lapse which has not happened since my single session with Jeff! .

If you need his help, don't hold back, just call Jeff now. You won't be disappointed.

 by Jake
Very Useful

The sessions that I took part in were extremely helpful to me, especially in figuring out where and how I hoped to improve my life and overcome my problems. The therapy was very simple and relaxing, Jeff also gave me some tips about how to handle my anxiety issues and release any stress which had been piling up recently.
Overall a very useful and satisfactory service that has benefited me immensely.

 by Karen
Jeff Cassapi

Jeff was very understanding and generous of his time in talking to my son at length before he took him on as a client.  I have seen the beginning of some positive changes in his behaviour

 by Maureen
Live in the now

I have seen Jeff on the recommendation of my daughter, who found her sessions with him very useful & thought I might benefit from seeing him too. I've had depression/ anxiety for 17 yrs after the death of my husband & sister within 12mths, but actually I've always been an anxious person. I feel very relaxed after a session & sleep well that night, which is not bad when your 82! But most of all jeff's helped me leave the past behind , to not berate myself for things that are done& gone & to realise there is only today & to live in the present. You are never too old to change your way of thinking. Thanks Jeff!

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Adrian Cowley – July 2015 5 stars ***** I went to see Jeff after a recent loss of my 15 year old child. Jeff has helped me find a way to rid myself of that horrible moment when I found my Son dead. It has haunted me for many months but 18 months passed more so. Thankfully I believe I am on the road to recovery. Just got to get back to Jeff to help with sleep problems

Andi Armitage – June 2015  5 stars ***** After a difficult period in my life and losing confidence, Jeff worked with me to deal with my anxieties and nervousness in job interview situations.   I was invited for an interview for a dream job but was feeling I would mess it up again and be nervous in the presentation.  Jeff enabled me to be calm, collected and projecting quiet confidence. I got the job. – Thanks Jeff.

Mike M, Liverpool – 2 Jun 2015 I Suffered IBS for 4+ years. Jeff helped put my feelings into perspective and give me the tools I need to get by. He was professional, helpful and offers such a great deal

Jon C – Liverpool 21st May 2015 A great guy with a wealth of knowledge

Emma, Liverpool – 16 May 2015 Very professional, friendly with authentic understanding and compassion. The best I had managed after a 12 year battle with this problem.

Angela – Liverpool 7 May 2015 3 x sessions. Delighted with what the sessions have done for me. I have never felt so focussed. The sessions left me feeling determined and good about myself. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Carmel  – Wirral – 7 May 2015 I was trying to lose weight I found I was snacking on allsorts of things in the evening so he did his magic and at around eight oclock i dont feel the need to have any snacks.

Linda – Liverpool – 5th May 2015 Still haven’t had anything sugary, which is a miracle for me.

Ellee – Liverpool – 28th April 2015 He is very flexible and supportive in a personable, encouraging way. I would definitely recommend him

Jo – Liverpool 23nd April 2015 I have not smoked since the session and I feel focused on maintaining that!

Paula, Prescot – 27 Mar 2015 I went to see Jeff for weight management, and I had tried other methods with short lived results. Only a few days in and I am noticing differences in my eating habits.  I have scored full stars as I feel it is well deserved and good value.

Stephen – Liverpool – 17 Mar 2015 I had contemplated hypnotherapy for months. I was suffering from panic attacks. After 2 sessions they are gone

Tilly – Liverpool – 14th March 2015 Really enjoyed my hypnotherapy session and I would definitely recommend it for whatever issues people need it for, I had a great night’s sleep after it! And would no doubt like to use again in the future

Rachel H – Liverpool – 12 Mar 2015 It was to help me move on following a relationship breakdown. Jeff was friendly and professional and put me at ease straight away.  He helped me move on.

Susie – Liverpool – 14 Feb 2015 I needed a confidence boost and my motivation back in work and at home. I used to run all the time but have found it really difficult to do anything at all. The next day I was out. Work, much more relaxed about it,

Keri S – Liverpool – 13 Feb 2015 I went to Jeff with a serious long standing spider phobia I’ve had since I was a child. I was quite surprised by the strength of the experience.

David C – Liverpool – 10 Jan 2015 Jeff is a guy who makes you feel at ease.   Jeff has helped me so much to move forward in life and most off all live in the moment. Would highly recommend Jeff to anyone thinking off seeking Jeff’s help.

Charlotte F – Liverpool  – 9 Oct 2014 Having suffered with stress and chronic IBS as a result for many years.  My scepticism quickly subsided after my first session. Jeff taught me how to relax and reduce my stress levels through deep meditation, whilst learning new skills to cope with stressful situations

Gill H  – Liverpool – 19 Jun 2014 I used Jeff’s services to help while dieting. I noticed a difference straight away. Most of all I don’t even think about food now until I feel hungry. A major change for me! He used relaxing techniques and lead me through scenarios that empowered me to change the way I think and feel about eating. I would definitely recommend him.

Jacqui – Liverpool – 20 April 2014 The hypnotherapy sessions were extremely valuable to me.  Not only did they help me to come to terms with my parents death, they also helped me to identify and deal with underlying issues that had been bothering me intermittently for some time.

Ian  – Liverpool – 12 Apr 2014 Jeff very gently guided me into a very relaxed state and amongst other things suggested that I discard any issues about myself that I did not like.  Excellent stuff.

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