Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Memories
Have you been here before?

Past life regression helps people examine memories of a former life by helping them relax very deeply.

If you are feeling anxiety around certain places or events and cannot explain this based on any conscious memory then you may have a subconscious past life memory.

If you constantly have a feeling of Deja Vu or have memories in your conscious mind that you cannot explain then it might be useful to explore this concept through past life regression hypnotherapy.

There are plenty of examples of people remembering things from a location  that they have never visited. They can often describe what a place looks like and  some of the items that are there.

By experiencing these very deep levels of relaxation a person is able to access ideas in their mind that are part of them that are very much repressed.   Past life regression takes you to memories that you have little or no conscious awareness of.   95% of what we do is at a subconscious level.  Of this remaining 5% our imagination plays a huge part.  We don’t consciously have to think about getting up to leave a room and taking 15 paces to leave the room.  We simply imagine ourselves getting up and leaving – then our subconscious takes care of it.    In life’s events my version of events may be different from your because we all experience reality differently. This is because much of our “Reality” is down to our imaginations.   I have past life regressed people and they have accessed incredibly vivid memories of past events.  To a great extent much of our lives are imagined anyway as we live in our imaginations. Whether “Past life” events are real or totally imagined doesn’t matter  as they can affect your everyday life. For example If you have a past life memory of falling from a great height this could potentially affect your attitude to heights.  It could be the reason behind very real anxiety.

My suggestion would be to try a single session past life regression in Aigburth or Liverpool City Centre and see what you discover about your own past life memories.  If you don’t have any you will still benefit from very deep levels of relaxation and you will at least know if you have any past life memories.

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