Childhood issues?

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Issues from your childhood?

Do you think your  issues may stem from Childhood?

Children’s mind’s are very impressionable.   Often a client has unexplained behaviour that they have had for as long as they can remember.   We tend to learn consciously first and then the lessons and rules are stored in our subconscious.   Often at a young age we may not have the right perspective to be able to learn the right lessons.  We can take things to heart.

If you parents were less then perfect then some of the lessons that you learned in Childhood and took in on a subconscious level may not have served you very well.

For example  at an abusive  level If your parents continually told you that you were stupid, fat, lazy, mean, selfish or ugly then you may have believed some of what they said and it has become part of your ingrained  belief system.

At a more subtle level if one parent favoured a brother or sister  you may have reached your own conclusion about what was going on and may have interpreted it with negative consequences for your self esteem.

If one  of you parents had a mental illness, a personality disorder,   they were a psychopath, a narcissist, depressed or had a major addiction then the chances of you being affected and the  likelihood that you will experience problems as an adult increases.   You are more likely to have your own mental health issues as an adult.

Sexual abuse is another subject and I am not going to tackle that here.  If you have questions about that area in particular you should call me. If there is any question that this might be an issue then we would likely not contemplate regression and would instead focus on solutions that use a different approach.

Generally most of us when we reach adulthood we consciously reject many of our childhood perspectives yet this is much easier to do when we are conscious of our thoughts.  If our thoughts are at a subconscious level then you may need some help.  Generally any memories with an emotional attachment – times when you were really upset will be stored in your subconscious.  Sometimes these emotions may be out of place or may affect you when you rationalise as an adult that they shouldn’t.  Sometimes your inner child may be upset – this is covered elsewhere on  this site.

There is an important decision to be made with regards to looking at your childhood – it is not usually necessary to revisit  the actual memories  (Regression)– we can tackle the behaviours without looking at the root cause.  In hypnotherapy we may choose to look at some of the memories as a metaphor without actually looking at the actual events.

Talking Therapies for example Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can bring these issues into your consciousness and can help you identify how your perspective might be wrong.   Hypnotherapy can help you identify which issues affected you emotionally the most.

Hypnotherapy gives you an altered state of consciousness and you may be able to see the problems very clearly.  Memories that you have suppressed can be accessed.   It is very important that this process is not rushed.  My hypnotherapy sessions last 90 minutes.  If we should access an upsetting memory stored in your subconscious  I will help you change your perspective on this and help you feel secure again – for this reason I don’t like to rush the session – there should always be time to help change your perspective without one eye on the clock.

If you think you may have issues from your childhood that are affecting your life as an adult and would like to move past those issues then please call me to discuss.   If I think Hypnotherapy is appropriate I will tell you,  yet if i think you would benefit from a different therapy such as CBT then that may suit better – or the two may even complement each other.

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” – Aristotle

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