Alien Abduction

Do you feel like you were abducted by Aliens
Alien abduction – fact or fiction – your subconscious may not know the difference

Alien abduction fact or fiction?

Lots of people have memories of Alien abduction.    If you have such memories and they are eating away at you  then hypnotherapy may help you understand so that you can either come to terms or lay those memories to rest.

I have an open mind – Just as with past life memories.  My role as a Hypnotherapist is to guide and help you.

Sometimes the conscious mind will repress or rationalise memories held deep within the subconscious.  You may desire to try to make sense of these memories or at least recount them fully to allow you to move on.

A word of caution.   Whilst you will not lie under hypnosis, some people’s creative ability is enhanced under hypnosis.  This could lead to a “Colouring in” or reinforcement of false memories.   This is one of the reasons why evidence gathered under hypnosis is not usually used in court but is used in investigation as a way to fill in gaps so that hard evidence can be gathered. (e.g. remembering a car numberplate)  It may be more appropriate to de-traumatise such memories to help you move on.

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It is my position that I want to retain an open mind.    It is not for me to decide if people have been abducted by aliens – My job is to help them come to terms with it.  There are plenty of people that believe in this and lots of projects under-way to prove that aliens do indeed exist.

For Example: –

UFO Seeker Satellite

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