Hypnotherapy takes you back
TheRegression is going back in memory to an earlier age

Regression is a useful tool.

One of the marked differences between hypnotherapy and other forms of hypnosis is regression. When you are regressed you will be taken back to a time in your past. This may be to examine events that caused changes to your behaviour.   If the events were significantly traumatic then it is not suitable.

Self-hypnosis and recorded hypnosis sessions are useful in helping change behaviour and helping you relax, but it is regression by a hypnotherapist coupled with healing and reframing of the memories that can really make a big difference to your behaviour.   My preferred route as a hypnotherapist is to focus on solutions rather than the root cause yet there are occasionally times when the root cause is worth exploring.  Typically what has happened is that your subconscious has learned the wrong lesson.   Regression is not something to be taken lightly.  There may be very good reasons why you choose to forget something in your past.   If the main issue is that something is affecting your behaviour we will always try to address the behaviour before using regression.   There is also an element of confabulation when looking at old memories.  The difficulty with confabulation is that our memories do actually fade and then our imagination fills in the gaps.  The potential downside of regression, therefore,  is we have to take care that we do not create false memories.    If significant trauma was involved we would not normally regress due to the danger that we could re -traumatise you.   In these circumstances, the solution focused approach would be the likley option.

Past life regression takes people back to former a former life or lives. See the page on this site dedicated to the subject. These lives could be real or imagined. It doesn’t really matter and I as a hypnotherapist have an open mind on this phenomenon.    The risks of past life regression are similar to other regression and for this reason other Hypnotherapeutic routes should be used.

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