Rainy days and Mondays 

I just found this post in my drafts. And we are in the middle of a lovely sunny spell with a recent heatwave, so I thought I’d post it

“It’s a rainy day. My local coffee shop closed down. I ventured to the next nearest café and ordered breakfast. The worst breakfast I have had in many years and a cup of what looks like tea and doesn’t taste like coffee. There is something on my plate that looks vaguely like meat and I’m not sure what it is as I have never had it before. An adult is swearing using the F word on a kid that is under 7 years old.

I always find there are days like these. They help enjoy the other textures of life, when things go well and the sun is shining.

Whenever the going gets tough it is easy to focus on the negatives. Bad things usually pass. Try to think how you will feel on a Friday afternoon. Zig Ziglar said work as if you are clearing your desk to go on vacation.

Rainy days and Mondays 
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