In image asking Why do I feel this way. How would you prefer to feel?
What is Hypno-analysis? Is it my preferred route as a hypnotherapist?  Not really.

Is getting to the root cause important?

Hypnoanalysis is a different approach from being solution focused in that it tries to identify the root cause or blockage that is causing your issues.   You may have long forgotten things consciously and hypnoanalysis seeks to address this.  From a Solution focused approach there is a conflict here. There may be very good reasons why you have chosen to forget something – the main question will be can you overcome your current behavioural issues without understanding the root cause?   From a solution focussed point of view, the answer is no we don’t need to analyse a root cause.   In fact analysing the problem doesn’t necessarily help you move forward at all – it can actually keep you stuck or send you backwards.   The priority is to learn new thought processes and achieve personal growth – Ultimately that’s what gets the results.

Hypnoanalysis and regression are useful tools in a Hypnotherapists arsenal but usually putting all of the emphasis on solutions will generally achieve much quicker results than analysis.

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