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Q         What exactly is Hypnosis?
Q         Does the Hypnotherapist control my mind?
Q         Can Hypnotherapy replace other therapies?
Q         Does the effect of the Hypnotherapy wear off?
Q         I am not sure that hypnotherapy would work for me?
Q         I don’t think you could hypnotise me.  Are there people you can’t hypnotise?

Q         What exactly is Hypnosis?

A          Hypnosis is an altered form of awareness.    Hypnosis has been practised by the Ancient Egyptians and earlier civilisations.  We all experience altered awareness every day if we daydream, get engrossed in something on TV.  Often we will drive somewhere perfectly safely but not remember much about the journey.

A Hypnotherapist works by putting the client into a hypnotic trance.  The client is not asleep.   You still have willpower and can choose to ignore the suggestions of the hypnotherapist if you wish.     In trance the conscious mind is less active and the subconscious mind – the part that helps you function as a human being automatically and keeps you safe, can be spoken to directly. (For example – we don’t have to think about how to walk or drive a car)

By talking directly to your subconscious mind we can help you to change negative behaviour.

I wrote an article on the hypnotherapist directory entitled “What Hypnotherapy isn’t” which adds more to this answer

Q         Does the Hypnotherapist control my mind?

It is not possible for a hypnotherapist to suggest you will do anything that is not part of your value system.  You would not do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn’t at least consider doing normally.  It is true that in a hypnotic trance people are often less self conscious. Stage hypnotists use this to get people to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

In Hypnotherapy the  therapist guides the client to help the client overcome their issues for themselves.  If someone consciously doesn’t want to give up smoking then hypnotherapy simply won’t work.

It might be helpful for you to think of the hypnotherapist as a navigator sitting on the front passenger seat.  He can suggest where you might go but ultimately you are driving the car and can go wherever you wish.  If you want to stop the car you can do, whenever you wish.

Q         Can Hypnotherapy replace other therapies?

A        Hypnotherapy should not interfere with other therapies or treatments.   For any medical condition you should always consult with your Doctor.  Hypnotherapy is particularly helpful for helping you to change your habits.  Often the way we think consciously about things can become a habit.  Worrying for example can become a destructive habit increasing stress which is detrimental to our health.

Q         Does the effect of the Hypnotherapy wear off?

A          A post hypnotic suggestion may wear off or can persist as long as you want it to.  Very often the beneficial effect that it has in breaking habits means that the changes that you make to your behaviour can last and will last a lifetime.  Quitting smoking or losing weight – often after trying many other types of therapy are some of the most dramatic examples of how effective hypnotherapy can be.

My aim is to treat you so that you don’t have the problem any more.  Then you will hopefully tell your friends and colleagues about me?

Q         I’m not sure that hypnotherapy would work for me ?

A     Call for a chat.  We can discuss your requirements.   Some issues are not suitable for hypnosis or should receive conventional treatment in addition.  Provided that you are:-

A)   Open to being hypnotised
B)   Your condition is suitable for hypnotherapy
C)   You want to make the change for yourself and have not been pressurised by someone else into therapy – against your wishes.

Then there is no reason why Hypnotherapy shouldn’t work.    If you don’t think you can be hypnotised then why not try a “Taster Session” as an introduction to hypnotism.  These shorter sessions cost a fraction of a full treatment and should leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and less stressed.

Q         I don’t think you could hypnotise me.  Are there people you can’t hypnotise?

A          If you want to be hypnotised then you almost certainly can be hypnotised.  You may need some help to relax but hypnosis is a normal human state which we all experience daily.   If you are ever reading something and you forget what you’ve read  or drive somewhere and can’t remember the journey consciously , its because you have been in a trance.  Yet is you really think hard some of it may come back to you.  Hypnosis uses this natural state and is safe and natural.

Testimonial from Customers: –

“After one session I felt much less stressed than I had felt for ages.  I felt more motivated and the next day had one of the most productive days ever.   After biting my nails for as long as I remember I have now stopped and had to start learning to use nail clippers which was a bit weird!”

“My sleep pattern has been irregular for years.  I would wake up every night and sometimes be wide awake.  After one session I was sleeping through and a normal sleep pattern was restored.  Amazing!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite so relaxed.  Quick and effective stress relief!

It sounds daft hearing myself say this now but a trip to the dentist used to fill me with fear.   I used to put off visits even when I really needed to go.  I don’t exactly love it now but at least I am seeing a dentist regularly.”

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