What is your expectation?

Much hypnosis uses trance
Is a hypnotic trance like sleep – no not at all

What to expect…

at your first session: –

When you receive hypnotherapy you are usually relaxed into a hypnotic trance.   I don’t usually click my fingers and say “sleep” like a stage hypnotist does.   I am far more likely to just ask you to relax and focus on my voice.    When you are in trance this is very much like a guided daydream.   You are conscious throughout,  although it is an altered form of awareness.   In some people, they may reach a higher state and others it just feels like deep relaxation.   When you come out of the trance back to normal consciousness you will likely remember anything you choose to remember – you often remember everything.   This daydream can be very vivid – with the perception of sounds, colours, smells, sensations and feelings.  Most people really enjoy the feeling of relaxation that their session brings.

Hypnotherapy is quite different from stage hypnosis and uses hypnosis to very gently help people understand the cause of their problems and often helps them visualise a more positive outcome.    The major difference is that hypnotherapy is a gentle process with no tricks.

Your issues may be deeply ingrained.   Habits are often rooted in your subconscious mind and although you consciously try to do something about it,  you often don’t get any closer to the answers after continually analysing and trying to change.   We can each have memories or emotions stored deep within our subconscious and they may be interfering or blocking our normal healthy rational responses.  When in a deeply relaxed hypnotic state clients often see their problems much more clearly and see that the solution lies within themselves.  At its simplest level, Hypnotherapy works by helping people relax so much that they can think about their issues differently and with a more positive perspective.  (Without mind chatter)

Every emotion that you experience can affect the mind- body interaction.   Take something like hay fever – if it causes emotion such as distress this can become rooted in you subconscious and can make the hay fever worse.

Modern hypnotherapy draws from more up to date theories and is now being used much more widely within the NHS and as a complementary or alternative therapy. Modern clinical or medical hypnosis is often referred to as Ericksonian hypnosis, based on the work of Milton H Erickson.  If anyone underestimates the power of hypnosis,  Milton Erickson taught himself to walk after being paralysed from the neck down by Polio at the age of 17.

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