Recordings for hypnotherapy?

Everything is live
We do not use recordings in sessions. Everything is done live.

“Do you use recordings for hypnotherapy like some hypnotherapists” I was asked.

Certainly not.  All my sessions are personal sessions. I do not use recordings to administer hypnotherapy. Self hypnosis recordings that you listen to at home can be useful to bolster sessions but are not as effective as one on one hypnotherapy.

When administering hypnotherapy I will be paying attention to your body language and your breathing. It is a highly personal bespoke service. It is also very interactive. I will be asking you questions during your session whilst you are in trance and these can determine the direction that your session goes in.   This is often much more than simple suggestion therapy like you would get in a self hypnosis recording- it is interactive and a form of psychoanalysis known as hypno-analysis.

If you are interested in using bespoke recordings following your hypnotherapy sessions I can provide this for all clients that book three sessions.    This is probably best discussed in the time foll0wing the second session.

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