Hypnotists Vs Hypnotherapists

Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are very different
Stage Hypnosis is nearer to being a magician and has little to do with Therapy

What is the difference between Stage Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists?

Its a bit like saying all Chefs are cooks but not all cooks are Chefs.   All Hypnotherapists are Hypnotists but not all hypnotists do Therapy or are even capable of delivering successful therapy.

Hypnotherapist :  a Hypnotist who uses Hypnosis to give Therapy to clients.   Generally trained in Therapy techniques which may include the use of hypnoanalysis and regression therapy.

Not all hypnotists are trained to give therapy.   Therapy is generally a much more gentle and trusting process than stage / street hypnosis.

Stage Hypnotists are not generally Therapists – they are showpeople who use hypnosis to make a show.

Some Stage hypnotist are trained as Therapists but generally the transition through their career has been from showmanship to Therapy – Paul McKenna being a good example.

You are unlikely to ever see Hypnotherapy on TV or stage because there isn’t really anything to see.   It doesn’t make for a show.

Stage Hypnosis

Generally very dramatic – drawing people from the audience.  Hypnotising them very rapidly and dramatically.   Often using phrases to make it look like the subjects are under the control of the Hypnotist.    When the show ends the people are brought out of hypnosis with no after effects.


Generally much gentler.    Putting people in to trance can still be rapid but there is no shouting into the microphone.   The relationship between the therapist and client is generally a gentle one.   In Hypnotherapy we may examine ideas and attitudes together from a different perspective.  We may look at situations from a different perspective.

Most of hypnotherapy is a very relaxed process and being very relaxed allows you to look at your own attitudes and behaviours from a different angle.   Old memories and repressed emotions can be accessed to help you move on or change your behaviour.

Whist stage hypnotists make it look like they can manipulate your behaviour – let’s be very clear that people behave differently when hypnotised yet when they are brought out of trance there are virtually no residual after effects.

If you visit a hypnotherapist to give up smoking – he doesn’t hypnotise you and tell you “You will give up smoking – 3, 2, 1, you are back in the room”    He will help you to really want to give up smoking by helping your perspective on your smoking.

Post hypnotic suggestion

It is possible in hypnosis to make suggestions that you may choose to go with.  Lets be clear – this is a suggestion that you choose to go with.  A typical suggestion would be that you no longer like the smell of tobacco smoke.  You can choose to go with this suggestion or you might choose to reject it –  If you choose to go with the suggestion it could last a lifetime – remember – all hypnosis is self hypnosis.  It is your mind that is doing the work.

Generally the more you want to change the behaviour the more likely you are to go with the hypnotic suggestions, visualisations and changing your attitude.

At the end of most stage shows the Hypnotist will suggest that all effect will wear off.  Most of it wears off anyway.

Counting Up

This is often used by stage hypnotists and Therapists to bring the person out of hypnotic trance.   Once out of trance you are completely back to normal and should be able to go about your business.

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