Achieve with Hypnotherapy

Achieve whatever you want
Achieve your potential but your potential is almost certainly more than you think.

What can you achieve?

The answer is that you can achieve your true potential….

The first principle – we are limited by our beliefs.   When we believed the world was flat we never sailed past a certain point.

Second principle – We are to an extent limited by our ability?  A good example of this is musical ability.

The Big problem

We believe that our ability is limited!

Clients come to me with all sorts of issues.  They tell me that they can’t do this, They have always been like this, that this is the way they are etc.   Some of this learning and attitude is developed in childhood by parents, teachers and peers.   A few of us are more sensitive to absorbing this than others.   If you have a high degree of empathy you may be more likely to transfer emotion from others. (Anger, Guilt, Anxiety etc)

When clients first visit me  I do a very quick demonstration of what they believe they are capable of with a physical exercise.  Then after about 30 seconds of visualisation, I ask them to try the demonstration again.   Each client will demonstrate that they can always achieve more than they thought.  In some cases, physical pain holds them back in the demonstration.  After the 30 second visualisation, they even overcome the pain.

Next, take the notion of confidence.   Confidence is really not much more than having a large comfort zone.   How do you become more confident? ……… Extend the comfort zone.

The common denominator holding us back most of the time is fear.  Most of us tend to avoid fear.  Many of us will rationalise that it is something else but usually fear is the bottom line.

Hypnotherapy can be very useful in helping you look at your own limiting beliefs and replacing them with a more challenging set of beliefs.  It can help you challenge your own fears.  Overcoming fear is a bit like developing muscles. the more you do it the stronger you become.    Scott M Peck in the road less travelled talked about our responsibility as Adults to be disciplined.  Discipline can help us work through our fears.

The bottom line

is that hypnotherapy can be a huge catalyst in helping you start to strip away your fears and limiting beliefs.  It can’t make you into a concert pianist unless you have the ability, yet how many of us can talk to someone one to one  with confidence and then lose our confidence when talking to a group?

Understanding where your fear emanates from is part of stripping it away.  Hypnotherapy is very good and helping you understand this and giving you positive images to help you achieve your full potential.

I’m not talking about the poor unfortunate souls who appear on talent shows with no talent.  They have no cognisance of their ability.  They have not been asking for feedback on their progress but instead have lived far too much in their imaginations.   I am talking about keeping one foot in reality and one foot in your imagination.  You can within reason achieve whatever you imagine – as many rich and successful entrepreneurs have demonstrated.

I have stripped away many of my own limiting beliefs and try to practice what I talk about.

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