Cheap Hypnotherapy

Save pennies Vs improving the quality of your life – e.g. Stop Smoking

Is Cheap Hypnotherapy worthwhile?

Should you contemplate cheap hypnotherapy?    If a hypnotherapist is any good  surely he/she will price themselves according to what they are worth?   On the other hand some of the more expensive Hypnotherapists advertise intensively on the internet and you may be paying a little more for this.  I am always astonished by the people that say they visited a hypnotherapist but they are not sure if they were hypnotised or not.   If you visit me you will leave under no illusion that you were hypnotised.

There are a few things to consider and a few questions to ask when looking at the cost of hypnotherapy.  Cheap doesn’t necessarily represent value for money.  The answers to some of these questions in relation to how I operate can be found on this web site or you can ask me directly.

  • Is the hypnotherapy one to one – totally tailored to you – or are recordings being used?
  • Is the hypnotherapist reading from a script or does he/she know what he is doing?
  • How long has the hypnotherapist been operating?  Is it at least a couple of years or more?
  • How much training and background information does the hypnotherapist have e.g. a background in coaching
  • Can you verify his her qualifications via a third party such as the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council – is he or she on the General Hypnotherapy Re.g.ister? Click to search the  GHR
  • Is your hypnotherapist fully insured?  Ask them to provide details if necessary
  • How long does a session last? Is just an hour long enough?   (Note my sessions usually last 90 minutes)
  • Has your hypnotherapist suggested how many sessions may be required to increase the prospect of a good result?
  • Is it possible to email, text or call your hypnotherapist directly or do you end up speaking to a secretary or virtual office?
  • Can you call your hypnotherapist at any time of day from early morning to later in the evening?
  • Does your hypnotherapist discuss your issues for free over the phone for 15-20 minutes before agreeing to see you and taking your money?
  • Does your hypnotherapist offer a money back /peace of mind guarantee?
  • Are other materials available from your hypnotherapist to help you beyond your session – e.g.. recordings, handouts etc.

My Session price is usually £55 for up to 90 Minutes

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