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Pivotal Change

Are you ready for pivotal change?

If you are feeling a bit down, or rather stressed there may be something literally weighing on your mind.  This can be a way of the mind preparing you for pivotal change.   There are many things to consider.

  • Could it be that fear is holding you back?
  • Is stress overwhelming you?
  • Do you have the right resources?
  • Are you held back by self limiting beliefs?
  • Have you had a bad experience in the past that is colouring your judgement?
  • Are you still “holding on” to the reasons why you have not changed yet?
  • Are you spending more time rationalising than doing something about it?

The best practical example I can think of with this is my friend who hated his job.  Every day he would complain about how much he hated his job.  When asked why he didn’t get another job he would make excuses that he was too tired when he finished work,  that there weren’t any jobs doing what he wanted to do.  I asked if he was keeping his hand in with voluntary work or freelance work and he said he was too tired from working full-time to do so.

So I asked if he would be happy to be still moaning about this job in 2 years time.   I asked him to imagine doing his dream job.  I asked him to imagine all the steps he could take to land his dream job.  I asked him to think about where he was going instead of where he already was.    I then did a simple demonstration of how his own beliefs limited the outcome and a quick fix which demonstrated that he was the solution to the problem. (Ask me about this if you see me)

If you have spent a lot of energy rationalising your thoughts and actions or have other factors complicating things such as grief,  then you may find it almost impossible to work out what you want.   Hypnotherapy can be very useful in helping you visualise what you do want.

I am pleased to say that my friend got another job.  It was not his chosen field but it was less hours with more pay and would allow him to start to develop his career in his chosen field in his spare time through freelance work.

Most hypnotherapy is about helping you realise and visualise a better outcome – instead of focusing on what you don’t want – “the problem” I help you focus on “the solution”.

Pivotal Change
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