Does being without your phone cause you an irrational amount of stress

Nomophobia – the irrational fear that you will be without your mobile phone……

I must confess that I absolutely hate being without my phone.   I carry a spare battery at all times in case the damn thing should go flat.  However I have the ability to put it in my pocket on vibrate and forget about it.  I have good reason.  I need to be available to prospective clients – I need to be able to take those calls from 8:00am until 11pm at night and if I am out and about my phone will usually run out of charge.

I don’t feel the urge to check messages of facebook whilst in the cinema or at dinner.

However if being without a phone causes you a huge amount of stress then there could be a couple of things going on.

Firstly if you are terrified of not having a phone and it causes a huge irrational emotional response then you might  have developed a phobia.

If you find yourself unable to stop checking your messages of facebook etc and feel compelled to do so then otherwise you get really stressed then  you may have something nearer to OCD – Obsessive compulsive disorder.

The good news is that Hypnotherapy has a good track record in helping both Phobias and OCD

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