An image of toy mice in a caravan
Mice are often depicted as cute and friendly to Children.

Musophobia / Murophobia

“Fear of Rats and Mice”

Phobia is more than simply fear.   It isn’t rational.

This phobia may be anything from an extreme irrational dislike,  to full blown panic attacks.   You may have had a bad experience,  or you may even have transferred some of someone else’s fear onto yourself.   Sometimes there is no logical or conscious link to the phobia.

Your phobia of rats and mice can be triggered merely by the mention of them or by pictures, TV images or even the smell of them.  Mice have a very distinctive smell and rats less so.    The rats and mice don’t have to pose any threat to you for you to have this phobic response and you shouldn’t beat yourself up if this is the case.

As with any phobia the response is not rational and if you have any phobia then there is usually little point in trying to rationalise your own behaviour.   The quickest way to deal with a phobia is with hypnotherapy.   A single session could substantially reduce your phobia and you should consider budgeting for 3 sessions.

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