Fear is imaginary
Fear is created by our imaginations

“Danger is real…… Fear exists only in the imagination”

All of reality exists in your imagination.   we each imagine and experience life differently – even the same events.
Such is the subjective reality of human life.

Fear initiates our limbic system – fight,  flight or freeze response –  a rush of adrenaline and other stress hormones.

Human beings live in our imaginations.
For example –  We don’t have to think about walking.   We imagine walking from A to B and our subconscious obliges.

When I see clients gripped with fear it normally means that fear has grown into phobia.  For example It is sensible for human beings to be wary or slightly scared of snakes.   This is probably partially instinctive.   However being terrified of a harmless snake is not rational and could be a phobia.  Sometimes even a rubber snake is enough to set someone off – or even the mention of the word!

Fear can greatly increase stress, anxiety and worry.

Examples that many of us can relate to:-

  • Fearing your boss or supervisor finding out you have made a mistake.
  • Fear of being late
  • Fear of missing a deadline
  • Fear of ridicule or embarrassment
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of being tongue tied, unable to remember,  stammering or simply unable to communicate effectively

If you don’t tackle your fears they can grow and if that is the situation then Hypnotherapy can be very useful.

Becoming fearless is usually becoming gentler.  If you don’t fear anything there is very rarely any need to become aggressive or defensive.   One of the reason why buddhists learn martial arts is to be fearless.

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