Flying is one of the commonest fears
Overcome your fear of flying

Do you Fear flying?

It is estimated that as much as 20% of the adult population fear flying.   Is this affecting your ability to enjoy a holiday abroad or even book a holiday abroad.  Perhaps its your honeymoon? All happy thoughts go out of the window when you think about that flight.   Fear is a normal response to events and stimuli but sometimes the response can develop into a phobia.  It is likely that your fear has grown over time and may develop into full blown panic attacks.  The more that you resist flying the more ingrained your phobia will become.  Hearing about terrorism or security alerts at airports on the news may serve to strengthen your fear of flying.

Hypnotherapy can help take away the fear and distress and help you cope not only with the idea of that flight but ultimately with taking that flight.

We will help you imagine taking a flight feeling relaxed and calm. Enjoying the excitement and the whole experience.   When you come to take the flight you will be relaxed.  You may feel a normal amount of apprehension but it will be manageable and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the flight and arrive at your holiday or business destination,  feeling excited to be there,  rather than overawed or stressed out.

It is possible to take a short flight from Liverpool or Manchester to test that your phobia is gone before you book an expensive holiday abroad.  If you require me to accompany you this is something we can discuss.

Nobody is necessarily immune to this very common fear.  I have encountered Air traffic controllers and Pilots who developed a fear of flying.  They can be helped with hypnotherapy.  This is the ideal situation to demonstrate just how effective hypnotherapy is.

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