Fear of dogs or cats

Phobias aren't rational
Some people may find this image of an adorable kitten  quite terrifying.  Forget about a rational response.  Phobia isn’t!

Phobia is irrational – don’t worry about what you rationalise.

This is probably the most common phobia.   Cats and dogs are commonplace.

Fear of Cats is known as  Ailurophobia or Gatophobia.

Fear of Dogs is known as cynophobia.

You may try to rationalise that you shouldn’t have the fear that you have but don’t worry phobia is beyond rational.  Once something has moved from fear to phobia then you need intervention to help you process your fear in a different way.

There are many different ways of developing such a phobia  and it can be a mixture of these components:-

  • A bad negative experience (Negative reference experience)  This can be direct or indirect
    • Happened to you or to a friend or relative whilst in your company
  • Transference of fear (Sometimes just by being told ) from another member of your family
  • General fear that is reinforced by avoidance of the thing that you fear.
  • An unrelated trauma can sometimes translate as a phobia for no apparent reason.    This is more common than people realise
  • Some people have vivid past life memories that may contribute to their phobia
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