Fear of an Operation

Fearing an operation is one of the commonest fears.

Fear of an Operation
Fear of an operation is very common

Many of us fear going for an operation even if it is a relatively minor procedure.   Many of us dislike the dentist for similar reasons.  We may have heard horror stories through the grapevine or in the press and these can amplify our fears.  Even though we know the reality is that the majority of operations go well and that people’s lives can be greatly improved by having an operation the fear of having that operation can paralyse.   If your fear of something is this great then it may have become a phobic response.

Sometimes you may contemplate such an operation for weeks or months – this is normal and most people will go through this process. However there becomes a point when you know that your declining condition or health would benefit more from having the operation than not having it,  yet your fear is holding you back.  You may procrastinate.  You may make excuses such as – I’m far too busy or I’ll wait until after my holidays.  It is very common for us to rationalise our fears in this way.

It has famously been said by Sir Francis Bacon and Franklin D Roosevelt something to the effect that there is nothing to fear except fear itself.   Hypnotherapy can help you with your perspective.  It can help you to overcome your fear of the operation and go ahead with it.  It can help with any resulting anxiety or panic attacks.  If you have a phobic response it can take this away.  The key is in helping you to relax and look at the issue without fear.  Without fear you may still decide not to have an operation but at least you are making a decision for the right reasons appropriate to your circumstances.

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