A picture of a ladybird
Ladybirds are probably one of the least offensive insects to most of us but not all

One of the commonest phobias

You may have no idea where your phobia came from or you may have memories going back to childhood.

It may be that for as long as you remember you have been scared of all sorts of insects.

You may have had a bad experience with wasps , bees or other bugs or insects  that formed the foundation of this phobia.

This might make being outdoors, trying to enjoy the garden and events such as Barbecues very scary and traumatic for you?

It might affect your choice of holiday destination – I had a client who avoided hot countries due to the prevalence of cockroaches.

One  strange thing about such a phobia developing is that sometimes you may have observed someone else’s phobia or fear and learned your phobia from there.   It is very common to get such a phobia from someone you know such as a parent or sibling.

Generally by the time something has become a phobia it will need intervention to help you overcome it and Hypnotherapy has an excellent track record with Phobias.

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