Picture of Jeff on the Edge at Alderley Edge
Don’t look down if you are afraid of heights

A fear of heights is normal.  A terror of them is not. (Acrophobia)

Danger is real, Fear exists in your imagination.  Now a respect for heights is healthy and it would be normal to fear walking on the edge of a ledge.   We would expect to pump a bit of adrenaline to keep us on our toes.   However in this heightened state of awareness it possible that we could magnify our fear in our imagination – in effect hypnotising ourselves that this is a lot more dangerous.  Over time, every brush with heights can amplify the feeling.   We may feel a little panicked.  If we then avoid the thing that we fear we amplify it further – fear is taken out of context and we reward ourselves for avoiding the thing that we fear.  Eventually, the reaction to this fear becomes hugely disproportionate and irrational – This response is now phobic – You have a phobia of heights or to use its correct title Acrophobia.

In hypnotherapy, we remove the Phobic response and make it rational again but we don’t take away your fear of heights – that for one would be undesirable, dangerous and two simply isn’t possible – Hypnotherapy can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.

So if you rationalise that a walk on Alderley Edge, a hill or a mountain would be pleasant,  but you are terrified of heights it can be tackled relatively easily in Hypnotherapy.

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