The fear of being sick and things related to it.

Do you hhave an irrational fear of vomit or vomiting?
Emetophobia is a common phobia that can be treated with Hypnotherapy

This is a genuine phobia of vomiting or anything related to vomiting.     As with many phobias the initial trigger may have been a traumatic event although phobia can also be acquired through transference – i.e. Someone else close to you such as a parent or sibling had this phobia and you absorbed some of their emotion, developing your own phobia.   As with all phobias even though you know that your reaction is not in proportion to the threat, it is almost impossible to rationalise your fear and overcome it.  As a result your phobia may now dictate where you go.  You may avoid public spaces for fear that you may be ill. Hypnotherapy can restore a perspective.   It is important to realise that the distinction between phobia and fear is the irrational response.   In removing your phobia we remove the irrational response but we don’t magic the appropriate response away.    I don’t know of any human that feels comfortable with vomit – it is one word in our vocabulary that gives a physical response just by mentioning it.

A gagging reflex is also encountered in a few familiar situations

  • Eating certain foods – as a result you may avoid certain foods
  • Putting in false teeth
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Swallowing tablets
  • Disgust – You may avoid public toilets for this reason.

Treating this phobia may require a little more help than a less complex phobia such as Spiders (Arachnophobia)   If you have developed consequential social phobia then each effect will need to be dealt with to restore a normal perspective.

Why not call me for a friendly chat.   You may feel this is an embarrassing subject but there really is no need to be embarrassed – this phobia is common and phobias in general are very common.

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