Embarrassing Subjects

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If you have an embarrassing subject that you want to try to address with hypnotherapy then congratulations on taking the steps to finally come forward and address the issue.

A large number of people telephone me and hesitate as they tell me that they have an issue they are embarrassed to talk about or feel that they cannot discuss it over the phone.

If your embarrassment now causes you significant anxiety then you may have developed or started to develop social phobia.

Some typical examples: –

  • Blushing
  • Embarrassed about your shape / size / nose / chin
  • Nervous ticks
  • Cervical Dystonia / torticollis

Also very common is Embarrassment about nudity and sex – this can make it very difficult to have a normal relationship.   Specific difficulties with sex and sexual performance are often treated with Hypnotherapy.

Everything discussed is completely confidential – we do not even need to use your proper name if you would prefer.  Staff at the locations used will only ever use your first name.

Please do not worry about being embarrassed.  You may think you are unusual but believe me nearly everyone has something that is difficult, embarrassing or painful to talk about.  As a hypnotherapist I get to hear about these issues all the time.

Some clients find it extremely difficult to even say the words and if they prefer they can write their issues and feelings down so that they don’t hold back from telling anything that might help with their therapy.

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