Fear of the dentist is commmon
Need to get your teeth fixed? Scared of the dentist?

Do you fear the Dentist?

Dental Hypnosis has two main applications: –

  1. The reduction of Dental Anxiety or Dental phobia of visiting the dentist and…
  2. Hypnotic Anaesthesia

Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in overcoming fear or phobia.  A significantly high number of people have intense anxiety of visiting the dentist and it is possible to completely overcome this.   If you are anywhere from anxious enough to put off going to completely  terrified of the dentist for whatever reason, then hypnotherapy can help you to change your own perspective to a more positive one.  There is a very good track record in this area.
Sometimes dental health can impact on other areas of health and as part of looking after yourself you should visit the dentist regularly.   Early diagnosis of oral cancer has huge effect on survival rates.  Though not proven conclusively poor gum health may be linked to heart disease.

Hypnotic Anaesthesia and Hypno-sedation in minor and major dental surgery.

Before modern anaesthesia  in the 1820’s Dr James Esdaile pioneered the use of hypnosis in india for as many as 300 operations.  Hypnosis fell out of favour with the discovery of Chloroform because it took a huge amount of time and effort to hypnotise people deeply enough to the point where they would not feel pain.

Nowadays hypnotherapy can be used for anaesthesia,  and pain management.  It can be used in conjunction with a sedative and is particularly useful for patients for which general anaesthetic is not an option.  There are advantages to hypnosis over anaesthesia.  Less side effects, and less post operative bleeding.

We would prepare you for your surgery at least week in advance with one or two sessions and I would accompany you and be present throughout your surgery, guiding you and ensuring that you remain in a painless hypnotic trance throughout.

Many dentists are trained in hypnosis but tend not to practice it as it takes much more time to treat individual patients.  With the time pressure that they are often under – it is easy to see why they prefer local or general anaesthetic.   However if you would prefer hypnosis as an option we can talk to your dentist together.

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