A picture of a confined tunnel
Would being stuck in a tunnel be terrifying?

Afraid of being confined?

Claustrophobia or the fear of being hemmed in, in compact spaces is extremely common.  About one in 20 people suffer from severe claustrophobia although very few people ever try to do anything about it.    It can cause extreme Anxiety , Panic Disorder (fear of panic attacks) and ultimately Panic Attacks – both of which can also be treated with Hypnotherapy.

Fear of tunnels, lifts, small spaces, Back seats of cars, MRI Scanners could all be examples of claustrophobia.

I remember once being in a lift with an elderly relative with such a phobia.  We were forced to take the lift because the stair well had been closed temporarily.  The lift went down 30cm and then stopped – stuck between floors.  The poor woman was in a very distressed state.

People suffering with a phobia generally know that their behaviour is slightly irrational and may try to overcome it unsuccessfully.  If you have attempted to overcome your phobia you may find that it has intensified.  The catalogue of failed attempts are reinforcing the belief that this controls you.

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