Picture of people enjoying a game at a stadium
Does the idea of being in a busy stadium fill you full of dread?

The big wide world?

Yet this is generally related to Anxiety and may develop over time or as a result of trauma.

“Agoraphobia” – The fear of wide open places or places of gathering – e.g. shopping centres, busy town centres. You may become afraid to leave your home.

Agoraphobia can lead to panic disorder and ultimately to panic attacks.

Life in general carries a certain amount of daily fear. Everyone’s response to fear can vary tremendously and fear is a natural part of living. Hypnotherapy can help you to get the fear back into context and allow you to lead a relatively normal life.

As with all phobias this is not a rational response so don’t worry that there is something wrong with you – get help. Hypnotherapy could be a quick effective way to restore natural balance.

I do home visits and if Agoraphobia is the issue then a home visit would be the be sensible way to try to tackle it.

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