Low self esteem doesn't have to be a problems
Are you overly sensitive to criticism? Do you push yourself very hard

Low self esteem?

  • Are there times when you are very hard on yourself?
  • Do you continually feel that you have to prove yourself?
  • Do you get stressed if criticised ?
  • Does feedback often feel like criticism?
  • Do you constantly feel that you could do better despite producing good quality work?
  • Do you not look after yourself because you don’t feel that good about yourself?
  • Do you consider that you aren’t very attractive despite people telling you otherwise?
  • Do you work harder and longer than many other colleagues?
  • Do you aim for perfectionism
  • Is procrastination a huge issue for you?
  • Are you your own worst critic?

With Hypnotherapy and through Hypnoanalysis we can look to find the root of your self esteem issues.

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