Self confidence

Do you think you lack confidence
What is confidence really?

What is the main difference between somebody with confidence and someone lacking confidence?

Some of it boils down to your self talk – what you are saying to yourself – your inner narrative.  Some of it is influenced by your personality type – whether you are Extroverted or Introverted but most of it is down to behaviour.   Some of the best public speakers are Introverts

Sometimes you may have had a negative experience that may have coloured your judgement.

Sometimes you may feel very much out of your comfort zone – the key to overcoming this is to keep extending that zone.

“Hypnotherapy can help you to become more confident.   Learn to walk tall”

Unless you are someone who was very confident and then lost that confidence and just need it restoring it is not likely to be a quick fix.   The key to becoming more confident for most people is to achieve personal growth.   Step outside of the comfort zone and keep stepping out of it until you don’t see a zone any more.

I help you visualise: –

  • Overcoming your fear
  • Give yourself a more positive inner narrative
  • Give yourself permission to fail without beating yourself up or getting hugely embarrassed
  • Focus on a successful outcome rather than failure

And the first fearless step out of your “lacking confidence comfort zone” is to pick up that phone or dash off an email to me sooner rather than later.

Was Jeff Cassapi – always confident ?   No I wasn’t,  but I am now……..

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