Negative Thinking

Negative thinking?
Negative Emotions and Negative thoughts are often linked but you do have choice.  Choose to think and act positively.

Which comes first – Stress / Anxiety or negative thinking?

Some of us more prone to Negative thinking than others.   We each react differently to stress.   Having a positive outlook and choosing to be positive can even change our own stress response in a given situation.   In any given situation any two people can experience things wildly differently.

Knowing that it makes sense to have a positive outlook and actually having a positive outlook can be more of a challenge.  If you have had a lot of bad things happen to you it can tip you into a world of negativity.  Your world may look very different to you.  This can in turn create additional stress.  When stressed most of us tend to see negatives more readily and the cycle of Negative thinking continues.

I have helped people to strip away their own negative associations. Through hypnotherapy it is possible to re-examine your past and add a more positive perspective – that is not the same as changing your memory.   You will still remember the negative events from the past but may begin to see them in a different light.   Often things happen in our past that can shape our future.  Reviewing past events in a more positive frame of mind can help us to cope better with stressful situations in the future.

Starting to think in a more positive way can help our resilience to stress and the effect snowballs.  This can in turn make you less fearful and more confident.   I understand a lot about this because this has been my own personal experience.  The things that really used to stress me hardly cause any stress anymore.   I couldn’t have become a hypnotherapist with my old attitude.

Learning to manage stress is critically important – Chilled people are very often very much more positive – Imagine how you feel after a holiday.

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