Negative Self-image

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Don’t like the way you look –  but it also takes away some of your motivation to do something.

Negative self image and Body Dismorphic Syndrome

This may often be accompanied by negative mind chatter.  ” Things never go well for me, People don’t like me,  I’m not good looking etc.  I’m overweight,  I’m Obese,  I have a big nose, I am not worthy”

This become a bit of a vicious circle of behaviour that it is hard to break out of.   Eventually you have programmed your subconscious mind to believe it and you no longer question the logic of it.  You are in a bit of an Ugly Duckling Scenario – Even when people tell you you are a beautiful Swan – you simply don’t believe them.

Only when the swan was made to look at his reflection and see past the ugly duckling did he eventually realise he was a “very fine swan indeed”

Hypnotherapy coupled with some life coaching exercises can help you replace that negative mind chatter  and help you to see your strengths.   By focussing on personal growth and development you can change your negative image to a much more positive one.

We have all met some very attractive people who didn’t see themselves as attractive and therefore they weren’t giving off that vibe so didn’t attract people.  We have also met some very average looking people who were so full of confidence and attractiveness that they attracted lots of people to them.  If you want to be more confident then the answer lies in living in the moment and Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this relatively easily.

Often it is this negative image that prevents people from losing weight, eating healthily , stopping smoking, exercising and generally looking after themselves.

As soon as you truly respect yourself – you wouldn’t eat or drink to excess,  you would enjoy a healthy moderate life, get enough sleep, exercise and so on…Wouldn’t you?

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