Is happiness a choice?

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Is happiness a choice?

Can you choose happiness whatever happens to you?

Things happen to us yet with each thing that happens we can, for the most part, decide or choose how to react.   A great deal of us can also choose how to live our lives.  So assuming that you are not trapped in a truly dire situation (And even that is subjective) then your attitude to life will tend to steer you in the direction of happiness or not.

The old glass half empty vs glass half full debate.

The following things probably help: –

  1. A positive attitude reflected with positive self-talk and positive language patterns.  “I will, I can, I am getting better”  Nurturing yourself as well as others.
  2. Being Mindful, relaxing, meditating or just slowing down occasionally
  3. Good relationships with friends, family and your community
  4. A meaningful occupation with a strong sense of purpose
  5. Giving it back – Helping others, teaching, working for charity
  6. Being grateful – even for some of the horrible things that now don’t seem quite so bad long after they have gone
  7. Hope or Religion
  8. Indulge your creative expression
  9. Being healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – the right weight, right diet and sufficient exercise.
  10. Your own Space and personal freedom
  11. Achieving personal growth – this can overlap with all other areas because if you decide to do more of everything 1-8 then you surely most grow.   You can also study ,  learn and read.

What do you think?  Email me, Reply, PM Me.   Ta


Choose Happiness
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