Do you feel guilty
Guilt and other lessons learnt early in life don’t always serve that well.

and perfectionism etc

and all the other  little things you learned in childhood that perhaps  don’t serve you very well any more.

Many clients that are experiencing extreme stress, anxiety  or depression often have guilt,  perfectionism  and lots of other things most learned in childhood involved.   Many of the lessons learned in childhood are designed to keep us on the straight and narrow.  By the time we reach Adulthood most of the lessons have been learned and some of the learnings can now slow us down and cause all sorts of problems.

How can hypnotherapy help with such perspectives?   Often the perspective has been skewed in childhood and emotionally anchored to events.   If you want to truly grow then you have to unlearn some of what you have learned – especially if the emotional anchoring happened in childhood.   There is something out of place when an 18 stone man is scared of house spiders  – yet his spider phobia was born in childhood.  The perspective is a sub conscious one – an emotional response that was learned at an early age.

Being criticised by your boss can feel like being a small child for some people.  It is likely that as a child you were overly criticised over a period of time or even at one pivotal occasion when you were unfairly criticised and that created an extreme negative reference.

If you find yourself feeling an emotional response that seems out of proportion to events or stimuli then it is possible that you have developed beliefs that are slightly out of perspective  those beliefs are emotionally anchored.  Hypnotherapy can get you to look at your response again and often you will decided that you should start to behave differently.     There is however a specific difficulty with this.  Its a bit like you honestly believe that the world is flat.  Your friends keep telling you the world is round.   If your friends, spouse and colleagues keep telling you to stop being so hard on yourself or others then it is likely that your beliefs are out of kilter.  In Hypnotherapy we can look at your beliefs in a very relaxed way and without attachment to emotions.  Or through regression we can look to see if a pivotal event changed the emotions associated with the lessons learned.

People get stressed by all sorts of things – Motorway driving, Shopping, IKEA, Decorating, Public Speaking/ Presenting,  Meetings,  Cooking.    Often there will be an experience in your past of your childhood that has coloured your judgement.

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